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Songs I Can’t Get on iTunes, Or Why the @#$% Did I Give Away All my Albums in 1996?

Been hearing a lot about Fleetwood Mac, which is fantastic.  Rumours was one of the soundtracks of my misspent youth. I’m not a huge fan of post-Rumours Fleetwood Mac or solo Stevie, but early F. Mac and Buckingham-Nicks…I like them a whole lot. So I went to iTunes to buy a couple of old faves, and there was no Buckingham Nicks. What the heck? That was an outstanding album – “Frozen Love”, “Races are Run”, and “Crystal” being the big standouts to me. I had that album, back in the vinyl days. In fact, I went through a couple of them.


I had a huge record collection back then. I kept them all in these Peaches crates – that’s what we all used to store our albums. I had about three and a half crates, so that was around 450 records. I was really proud of my collection, even though I treated it like crap. I was a little, umm, messy and disorganized in my youth and I used to have records stacked ankle deep on the carpet. I used to blame the destruction of my records on Bacchanalian parties, but there really weren’t any parties, it was just me, sitting in front of my gigantic Pioneer stereo system by myself, listening to records with my huge earphones, stacking them up on top of each other on the floor and then leaving them like that for days.  Shameful.


In 1996, I decided to get rid of all these albums.  There were all scratched up, I had moved on to CDs, and I was now married and pregnant.  I guess I was trying to distance myself from my Pioneer stereo/headphones/stacked up records on the floor/lonely and pathetic days, and trying to forge a new, mom-like identity for myself, so I took them all to a used records shop by a local college campus and tried to sell them to the caftan-wearing, long-gray-hair sporting hippie-lady that ran the place. She said she had a shop full of old records that no one wanted, and mine were all scratched and ruined anyway, so she couldn’t help me. I said, “What then shall I do?” or something like that, and she said, “Take them to the dump”.

Take them to the dump. TO THE DUMP! My huge record collection, my only consolation throughout my entire miserable youth, at the dump. Luckily, there was a college kid standing behind me and he said, “I’ll take them!” all excited and youthful-like.  So he followed me out to my car and we loaded up all three and a half Peaches crates in his truck. Goodbye, old friends – long may you play. All scratched and skipping, of course, but that’s my fault entirely.  Well, you did scratch and skip if I even looked at you funny, but still…all my fault that you were ruined, and I accept that responsibility.  Most of it.

Anyway, I start researching Buckingham Nicks, and I find out that it’s never even been released on CD. Apparently, the only way I can listen to these songs is on Youtube, or I can buy a new turntable and get a vinyl copy, but I don’t want to go that route. Having another turntable will just be a constant reminder of the 450 albums, many of which were probably first editions, that I gave away.  It’s just too painful.  I don’t want to think about it.  So c’mon, Lindsey, Stevie…let’s get Buckingham Nicks out on CD! Here’s a link to “Frozen Love”. If you’ve never heard this, prepare yourself…this is an amazing song with piercing lyrics. It’s all about obsession.

Here’s another song that I can’t get on iTunes…”Don’t Cry My Lady Love” by Quicksilver Messenger Service, one of my favorite San Francisco psychedelic rock bands from the sixties. That’s two pianos you hear playing…this is a beautiful, haunting song too.

Anybody else got a song you can’t get on iTunes?  Please share!



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