Congratulations to MetalGuruMessiah: 200 Awesome Videos!

As you probably know if you’ve been following my blog, I’m somewhat of a YouTube addict.  Nix the “somewhat” – I obviously am addicted since I watch stuff, mainly music videos and music-related clips, on YouTube almost every day of my life.

One of the things I love about WordPress is that I often come across great videos that I might have never found just searching on YouTube by myself.  Occasionally, I come across a true gem of a video in WordPress, and that’s what happened when I found MetalGuruMessiah’s blog.

Back in mid-July, I was cruising around in my Reader, when I came across a post titled “There’s a Time…There’s a Word” with a video attached.  Well, as you may know, I’m a staunch Yes fan, so I opened the video, prepared to hear one of my favorite Yes songs, “Time and A Word”.  What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was the absolutely stunning images and colors in this artistic creation.  “Video” is really too bland and utilitarian of a word to use for MetalGuruMessiah’s work.  It is art – beautiful, moving, complex, rich, colorful, art.

In addition to being a gifted video-artist, he’s a fellow blogger and classic rock fan, so let’s support his efforts, rock brethren!  He has now completed 200 of these amazing videos – that’s quite an accomplishment!  His videos are helping to keep the music alive and introducing it to new listeners, and I want to support that.  If you have a YouTube account, please consider subscribing to his channel and liking his videos.  I am going to be doing a series of posts over the next few days, each highlighting a different song and video from MetalGuruMessiah.  Y’all get ready – it’s going to be great!

I want to start with the first MetalGuruMessiah video I watched, the beautiful “Time and a Word”, by Yes.  I’ve watched it many, many times – really an embarrassingly large number of times.  I showed it to the guitar man and he said, “Well, Marie, darlin’, this video looks like it could have been made just for you’”.  And he’s right.  Because I’m all about the love, y’all.  There’s a word, and the word is Love, and it’s right for me…

Comments? Want to help congratulate MetalGuruMessiah? Please share!



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6 responses to “Congratulations to MetalGuruMessiah: 200 Awesome Videos!

  1. Time and a word is definitely one of their best numbers. Anderson’s vocals are just beautiful.

  2. I’ve always thought that Time and a Word had a Beatlesque, Summer of Love (a couple of years late) sort of vibe, which MGM’s video captures nicely.

  3. Jon

    Thanks so much for the kindness of posting a couple of my vids, Marie! It’s so great to know you enjoyed this video as much as you did. It’s always wonderfully encouraging to hear that someone has connected with a video.

    I struggled with this one some, mainly trying to bring out the “sun” ray effects in interesting and colorful ways. It was one of my vids (there are many! LOL!) where I kinda lock into an image or two and then just beat it to death….just variations on images/sequences that are different (sometimes very subtly, if you’re inclined to notice)….some people find some of my vids repetitive, but to others (you for example! LOL!), they kinda get what I was trying and just allow the images to let them get lost in the music.

    This is also definitely one of the ones where the effects look so much worse in standard resolution…it’s strange, you would think that all videos would look X-times better in 1080 HD (or conversely, X-times worse in SD), but some get downright ugly if you watch them in SD…still trying to wrap my mind around this strangeness. And to complicate matters even further, Youtube is now playing around with the HD streaming, I’ve been hearing different areas experience different results. For me, now 1080p HD is only playing at certain times (late night/early morning)…even though if you change the little gear it spins and says 1080p….it’s lyin’! LOL!

    Anyway….thanks so much again!

    • You are very welcome, Jon – thanks for your gift of beautiful video art to all of us classic rock fans. Everything I’ve seen that you’ve done is marvelous, including this video. 🙂

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