Long, Long, Long…Oh, Oh!

Music Makers | 1973 | George Harrison

Music Makers | 1973 | George Harrison (Photo credit: e r j k p r u n c z y k)

While going through MetalGuruMessiah’s 200 videos to select one for my final post (for now) in a series featuring his work, I came across this song.  This is one of George Harrison’s famously ambiguous songs – could be about God, could be about a woman, but you just know that George meant it to be about God because, after all, we’re talking about George here.  I settled down to listen to “Long, Long, Long” and couldn’t stop – it’s so singularly beautiful in its simplicity and sincerity.

As I hit repeat for the bazillionth time, it dawned upon me that there was a deeper reason why I was listening to this song over and over.  As I mentioned to our fellow blogger and rock-brother vinylconnection in a comment earlier, doing this blog and listening to all this music is bringing back a lot of memories of days gone by – all the friends, the things we did and the times we had, but even more importantly, it’s bringing back to mind the young girl that I once was.  It’s been a long, long, long time now since I was a young girl, and I think I’d almost forgotten about her.

As we go through life, getting bogged down with making the coffee, taking out the trash, driving to work, doing the laundry, ad infinitum, it’s so easy to lose touch with the essence of who we are and how we got here.  I think this song can be interpreted to mean a lot of things.  It could be about reconnecting with God, like our hero George probably meant, or it could be about anything lost and regained, whether it’s relationships, music, or just a part of ourselves.  I don’t normally do this, but I’d like for us to read through the lyrics of this song before we listen to it…

 It’s been a long, long, long time
How could I ever have lost you
When I loved you?

It took a long, long, long time
Now I’m so happy I found you
How I love you

So many tears I was searching
So many tears I was wasting, oh, oh!

Now I can see you; be you
How can I ever misplace you?
How I want you
Oh, I love you
You know that I need you
Oh, I love you

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to this song and think about that which has been lost and what might be worthwhile, and possible, to regain.  Some things, of course, can’t be regained in a temporal, tangible way, but perhaps there’s a way to recapture those most valuable of things that come from within, like joy, hope, and enthusiasm for life.

This song also brings me back to my freshman year in college, when my dorm mates and I holed up in my room and listened to the Beatles in-depth, analyzing lyrics, going to the piano room to try to pick out melodies and sing along, and so on.  It was my “Beatles year”.  I haven’t talked to those girls, who were my dear, dear friends, in quite a while.  I think I’ll make some phone calls this evening.

How could I ever have lost you – when I loved you?

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10 responses to “Long, Long, Long…Oh, Oh!

  1. Absolutely, Matt. And downright profound, right? Which I guess is why I spent so much time in my youth just trying to absorb everything the Beatles ever did and imprint it on my soul. I think I succeeded. 😉

    • I went through waves of artistic discovery. First was the Beatles. Next came Bowie. After that was the Stones. Then Jethro Tull, the Kinks and so on. All British. The only bad thing about it was that most of them had so many CD’s I had to buy. These kids now with the YouTube have got it easy.

  2. I did the same thing, Matt, except I am ahem…a little older than you, so I was buying records. Which as you know, I ruined. I did replace a lot with CDs, but I couldn’t replace everything, of course. YouTube and iTunes have given me access to a lot of music that I love and I’m so, so happy about that.

    Oh, and I’ve always had a preference for British bands too. Definitely. With the exception of a few outstanding American artists – Hendrix, of course, comes to mind. SRV. Allmans. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the Canadians – Mr. Young, et al. All right, forget the preference thing – I guess I don’t really have one. 🙂

  3. One of the potential gifts of ageing (it’s certainly not the physical aspects!) may well be a willingness to let go, to loosen our grip on certainty. It seems to me that the degree to which we are willing to do this corresponds to our ability to heal rifts and find some sort of peace. But then, I’ve just started 6 straight days of intensive Gestalt training, so I would say that.

  4. Damn, I forgot to say: I enjoyed that you invited me to touch base inwards.

  5. Very well said, Bruce. The more I learn – the less I know.
    I’m glad you liked my “introspection” post. It seems that more and more of the “real me” is seeping into these posts. Now back to my regularly scheduled silliness and music obsession. 😉

  6. Thank you for the follow of my barefoot Music blog
    I always have thought of George Harrison as one of my prophets from my impressionable years who never shared anything but his truth. An avid first generation Fab Four fan I have been since 1964. Wow!! I think I just dated myself. Oh My, ” Will you still love me when i am 64?” 😉 Couldn’t resist. .
    I miss George and the continued influence and guidance he would have offered. Thankfully his words, music & energy still shone on in this universe.
    Brilliant post, so am enamored with your blog.
    I am ever so grateful to find others whose music intelligence I fancy.

    • Thank you so much for the nice note and for the follow. I agree with you on George – what a beautiful soul he was. I read your gravatar profile and it sounded almost like I could have written it myself! I look forward to reading your blog and interacting with you again. It’s exciting to discover a new “sister in rock”. Thanks again! 🙂

      • That is such an honorable comment that you shared with me regarding my gravatar profile. Thank you!!
        It is always my hope, as I am sure it is every one who writes, that the reader find something that resonates within.
        You have just sent my spirit soaring!
        That through what I shared about myself and music sparked a kindred thought in you touches me deeply.
        Your blog, and your music shares now are a regular part of music intelligence.
        Thanks again ~ BB

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