It’s Not Marie, It’s Gloria*

Although my parents played Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and other fifties dudes of that ilk around the house when I was a kid, I was introduced to my favorite kind of fifties music by the movie, “American Graffiti”.  I saw it at the movie theater when it came out, and I immediately bought the soundtrack, listened to it a bazillion times, made myself a poodle skirt in home economics class, and was forever made a fan of doo-wop.

What a heavenly, romantic sound is created by the blending of velvety voices, the slow, smooth music in the background, and the hormone-soaked, burning lyrics.  Good Lord a’mighty…it’s just beautiful.  Here’s some unsolicited advice to men – you want to win that girl?  Make her return your longing glances?  Doo wop and flowers.  That’s all I’m saying.  That, and stop shaving (waxing?)  your chests.  Apparently, that’s the going thing, but JUST SAY NO.  It’s weird and unnatural.  Be unashamed of your virility, young men, and get yourself some doo wop pronto.  Here’s a few of the best to get you started…

“In the Still of the Night” by the Five Satins. One of the loveliest pop songs ever written, in my humble opinion…

Here’s another beauty…”A Thousand Miles Away”, by The Heartbeats.

*Of course the title was taken directly from the lyrics of this song.  Just listen to that plaintive, echo-y call to Gloria.  Magnificent.  I’ve never been accused of being a shy, shrinking violet, wallflower type, but for Gloria, I’ll step aside.  It’s not Marie, it’s Gloria…by The Cadillacs…

Sold yet? Here’s a link to a list of the top 100 doo-wop songs. Not a dud on the list, I assure you.  So young men, throw away those chest hair razors/waxers and good luck on your romantic quest.  And if your intended doesn’t respond to doo-wop, well, you’ll have to figure that one out.  I’m including the song below as a hint.

Now whatever happened to that poodle skirt?

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11 responses to “It’s Not Marie, It’s Gloria*

  1. This will shock you, but the “American Graffiti” Soundtrack is one of my favorite albums. It features prominently in my “Band On The Run” book and my just finished but not released book, “Blue Whiskey”. Awesome…

  2. Oh my gosh, Matt, that’s amazing – I’ve never met another soul that loves that album like me. Wow. I’m speechless from the overwhelming commonalities, my brother. Very cool!

  3. I never get tired of that movie or that record. There’s a running theme through my ‘Band’ book series where the lead character wants to be a deejay like the Wolfman in the movie.

    • I feel the same way. American Graffiti was a big part of my music education as a kid, haha! I will always love it. I’ll be moving your “Band” book to the top of my reading list now. 😉

  4. Lovely stuff (in small doses!).
    What the heck is a poodle skirt? Are we talking cruelty to small animals here?

    • No cruelty to small animals this time (unlike the patchwork rabbit coat horror)! A poodle skirt was a full “circle” skirt made of felt with a picture of a poodle embroidered on it. They were all the rage here in the fifties, and still make an appearance from time to time.

      Weird, no? Silly Americans. 😉

      I tried to link an image of a poodle skirt, but I’m using my iPhone and it won’t let me for some reason. Anyway, you can find tons of images online, and they sell them on amazon.

      • Rushed to amazon to buy one post-haste, but alas! I just don’t have the waistline. And I’m allergic to dog hair.

      • Heh heh…maybe Ms. Connection then? No? Oh well, you can listen to doo wop without one if necessary. Of course, the ambience won’t be quite the same, but it’s still possible to muddle through. 😉

  5. Great to see you posting again. Always good to read your stuff. And you can’t go wrong if you select a Stones tune.

  6. Hi Jamie, it’s nice to hear from you! Yeah, I’m back on the blogging trail again now that things have settled down – the beginning of the fall term is always hectic. I have a lot of music stuff saved up to write about now though, so that’s good, haha!

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