Welcome to my Slightly Less Ugly Blog!


I’ve been admiring the fine, professional looking blogs of my friends and colleagues in blogland, like Jamie, Matt, and Bruce for quite a while, but being a cheapskate by nature and unwilling to pay for the “premium service” or whatever it’s called, I pretty much just told myself to be happy with what I had.  But honestly, things weren’t looking too good around here – the background was an ugly, garish shade of orange, the clip art header of autumn leaves that I found in my pictures file looked hideous, and there was absolutely nothing to indicate that I was talking about music.  That was probably the worst part.

So I told myself, “Marie”, I said, “you gotta try harder.  You’re really getting into this blogging thing now, you know you are, so step up to the plate, kid”.  I didn’t really call myself kid or tell myself to step up to the plate, though.  So I thought, “what kind of header can I use to show that I’m mainly talking about music here?”  And the Peaches Record Crate thing dawned on me.  As you may recall, o ye faithful*, that’s what I used to store my approximately 450 scratched records before I loaded ’em off on a college kid back in ’96.  So I thought that was a fitting header for my blog.  It’s a little blurry maybe, but definitely fitting.

The next part was easy – I just changed the garish orange to a nice, soothing shade of blue.  But the crowning glory was the setting up of the twitter account and linking it to my blog.  I read the instructions, squinting geezer-like in my reading glasses, tried several times, and eventually, it worked!  It was thrilling!  The little blue thing you see in my twitter profile picture is my first radio, the Panasonic transistor.  Also deeply significant, as you know, o faithful ones.

Panasonic radio

So I’m going to be posting some of my old posts along with the new ones to twitter, so that our brothers and sisters in twitterworld can keep up with my silliness and maudlin musical sentimentality as well.  I thought I would mention that, because I don’t want you, my WordPress-brethren, to think I’m double dipping or something, if that’s even a thing in blogging.  I really don’t know, because I’m basically still clueless, although I’m slowly starting to understand why and how to do this, I think.

So, since this is supposed to be a music-oriented blog, what song goes along with this blogging journey and struggle for improvement of which I speak?  I can only think of one right now.  Keep fighting the good fight, fellow bloggers, and give and take the best that you can…”Fight the Good Fight” by Triumph, natch.

*I’m going to try to stop calling thee “o ye faithful” after the oldies station quits playing Christmas music, but I can guarantee nothing, o ye faithful.  Ye know by now how these phrases get stuck in mine head.

Questions?  Comments?  Think the song is cheesy as heck or fabulously inspiring?  Please share!




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6 responses to “Welcome to my Slightly Less Ugly Blog!

  1. The crate is great. And the wrist radio looks brilliant for a Twitter pic.
    This ‘faithful’ will also keep eyes pixel peeled for a higher res photo of Peaches. Your banner deserves it.
    ‘Insomnialog’ is fab. Did you come up with that?

    • Thanks, Bruce! If you see a non-blurry picture, just let me know and I’ll grab it. And yes, I came up with “Insomnialog”. A lot of my listening/viewing/reading/writing takes place late at night whilst lying wide-eyed in bed. Actually, I kind of like it. Works out great now that I’m no longer on the eight-to-five daily routine.

  2. I like it! The Peaches crate that retro iconic look that tells everyone that it is a music blog. However you have to promise to continue to write as well as you have in the past.

    • Thanks so much! I’m all about retro, being somewhat retro myself now, heh heh.

      And thanks for the vote of confidence on my little stories and posts – that means a lot. Damn the torpedoes – full blogging ahead!

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