Robin Trower From Some Undisclosed Concert in the Distant Past

I’ve never been much of a photographer.  In fact, taking pictures or having my picture taken, especially when there are fun things going on, is downright annoying to me.  In any picture of me at Disney World, or on Christmas morning, or pretty much at any time that there are things I’d rather be doing, you can always see through my forced smile and know that I’m just chomping at the bit for the irritating, tedious picture-taking to be over.

Of course, the exception to this is the careful photographic documentation I have done of my daughter through childhood and adolescence, but other than that, I really don’t have that many photos in my house.  My mother has a ton of old photos, because she was usually the one taking the pain in the neck pictures at all these various occasions, but I only have one shoe box full, excluding the ones of my kid.  The shoe box contains a hodge podge of pictures of my single life from college up to marriage in my mid-thirties – a trip to the French quarter here, a party there, etc.  So a while back I was going through the shoe box and I came across this photo of Robin Trower…


I clearly remember seeing Robin at Tipitina’s in New Orleans circa 1991, but the back of this photo is date stamped March, 1980.  The trouble is, I don’t remember seeing Robin in 1980.  I think I faintly remember bragging to my companions at the 1991 Tipitina’s concert that I’d seen Robin before, but that’s it.  It’s a total mystery.  Judging from Robin’s hair and clothes, it looks like it was indeed taken in 1980, so I think the date stamp is correct.  It couldn’t have been that I was wasted out of my mind to the point of oblivion and have no memory of the concert as a result, because I’ve never been the “wasted out of her mind” type.  The wastedness of my youth was of the mild, maintaining memory and consciousness variety.


Maybe the 1980 concert has blurred together with the 1991 concert or something?  It must have been a small venue like Tipitina’s, because I was obviously really close to be able to take the picture with whatever kind of crappy “instamatic” camera I must have had at the time.  Anyway, I do remember that the 1991 concert blew me away, naturally.  I’ve seen a lot of concerts at Tipitina’s over the years, more than any other venue, and Robin’s definitely ranks at the top of the heap.  The thick, heavy, Hendrixy sound of his guitar, heard live, and in a small venue like Tip’s, is absolutely mesmerizing.  But the recorded versions are pretty mesmerizing as well.


I know I say this just about every time, but it’s always so hard to pick “the top three” songs from a great musician or band.  What I really want to do is link almost every Robin Trower song on YouTube, but that might look a little weird and fanatical and I’ll be embarrassed later, so I’m sticking to my strict regimen of three songs per post.  Okay, these are ranked #3 to #1, but actually, they all kick my ass in pretty equal measure.  Other ass-kickers I left out include, just off the top of the head, “In City Dreams”, “Long Misty Days”, “Too Rolling Stoned”, and oh my goodness, the list goes on and on…

This first song is dedicated to one of my fabulous followers, Victim of the Fury, for making me think about Robin Trower with his blog title and thereby inspiring this post.  Here’s “Victims of the Fury”.

And here’s “Day of the Eagle”, performed live.  I just love the way Robin plays with his whole body, feeling it to his soul…that’s my kind of musician.

All right, you had to know it was coming…”Bridge of Sighs”.  This is one of the few songs that I clearly remember hearing for the first time – it’s just too delicious to forget.  This clip has the little bubbles with cool facts about the song and the musicians, so enjoy!


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3 responses to “Robin Trower From Some Undisclosed Concert in the Distant Past

  1. Seeing Robin Trower on the 1980 Victims of the Fury tour was my first concert experience. (I think I remember him wearing the same shirt seen in your picture during his Salt Lake City stop ;-]) As you surmised(!), my blog title/persona reflects my continuing fanaticism (Note: fandom is too weak a word for it). Unsurprisingly, I love this post!

  2. I figured you were a fellow Trower fan as soon as I saw your blog title. 😉
    I must have seen him on the same 1980 tour – I don’t know where, but it had to have been in Louisiana or Mississippi. So glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

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