Here’s Your Proof

In thinking back over all the stories I’ve told you over the past eight months since I started this blog, it occurred to me that you have no way of knowing if all of this is true. For example, how do you know I actually met and hung out with Gregg Allman in a dive bar in south Mississippi in the early eighties? Unfortunately, I have no proof of that, though heaven knows, I wish I did, so you’ll just have to take my word on that one.

But that got me started thinking – before we tread into even deeper waters of my silly, music-obsessed memoirs, maybe you, as my faithful reader, deserve to have some form of proof that I’m not just lying my head off here.  So I scrounged through my shoe box of old photos and found a few that are at least partially related to the things I’ve been talking about. Okay, so without further unnecessary explanation and wavering, let’s start with this little gem…

Christmas Morning, 1972

“Hey, look at this neat radio!  You open it up and its got a dial…wait…it’s GOT FM!”



Birthday, mid-seventies, skating rink era.

“I know the Holmes boys are going to make fun of me when I practice this hula hoop in the driveway, but I really dig this bean bag chair.  I’m going to keep it in the family room and watch Midnight Special in it every weekend.”

Bean Bag

High School Marching Band

“I look like such a dork in this stupid uniform, especially with this terrible haircut.  No wonder I have to be the third wheel and sit in the backseat when I go cruising with the majorette and her cute Senior boyfriend.”


This next one has nothing to do with any stories I’ve told so far, but it relates to today’s music, so I had to post it. Christmas, 1974.  I know it was 1974, because Elvis came to Jackson that year, and I wore this dress to the concert.  That’s right.  I wore a full-length, Christmas-themed velvet and taffeta dress to the Elvis concert.  It was a fat Elvis as opposed to a young Elvis concert, but my parents got to see young Elvis in the fifties at the McComb High School Auditorium.  I, however, only got fat Elvis, but it was still cool, though we were sitting behind the stage and all I really got to see was his cape.

“I can’t wait to wear this to the Elvis concert!  That’ll be bitchin’!”


So now that you know I’m not just a lying hound dog (nothing against hound dogs, though, I really love dogs), let’s hear some young Elvis…

This is actually my favorite Elvis song…”Mystery Train”.  My mother still has the record shown in this clip – the original Sun recording on a 78.

My next post, which I plan to do between Christmas and New Year’s Day, will be my wrap up of this year’s foolishness, including the “Marie Awards” for best YouTube videos and songs and such that I talked about in 2013!  Don’t miss it!  Let’s go out on my favorite Christmas clip ever – Bowie and Bing doing one of my favorite Christmas songs from my childhood, “Little Drummer Boy”.   I watched this in my bean bag chair in the family room when it came on Bing’s Christmas Special, circa 1977.  I remember showing my parents, so proudly, that one of my “rock stars” was a relatively normal guy and accepted by Bing, ha ha!

“Okay, you gotta be kidding me…Santa’s not even bothering to look at me or the camera.  Just get me outta here.”


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful friends and followers in blogland!

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15 responses to “Here’s Your Proof

  1. This may just be me, but having a 78rpm of “Mystery Train” in your family certainly compensates for any alleged crimes against cool inadvertently committed during childhood.
    Merry Christmas, Marie. And thanks for the stories and smiles of ‘My Wild Surmise’. (Hadn’t realised, but we must have given birth to our respective blogs around the same time!)

  2. Fat Elvis is better than no Elvis!-I did see an Elvis impersonator at the 7-11, he got the big slurpee.

    • That’s true, I’d rather have fat Elvis than no Elvis at all. And I guess if you are going to be a fat Elvis impersonator, it’s your duty to drink the big slurpee. In fact, come to think of it, being fat Elvis would be a pretty good gig. Much better than being a young Elvis. 😉

  3. Marie

    I had no idea you started blogging around the time I did – I figured you had been doing it for a long time because your blog is so professional looking! Wow! I’m so happy to have met you and I’ve enjoyed our chit chat! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and reading my stuff. Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

  4. Great post. I especially liked how you convinced your parents that Bowie was a ‘relatively normal guy’! HA! I remember pulling some elaborate ruses like that, myself!!

    • Lol, yeah, my parents weren’t real pleased with my choice of music, to say the least. We’ll be discussing this in 2014, trust me, ha ha! Hope you enjoyed my little nerdy pictorial history. My favorite is the one of the dress I wore to the Elvis concert. I cried with laughter when I found that picture. What a goob I was! 😀

  5. Thanks, Matt. Now everyone knows that I’m not actually some strange person simply pretending to be a middle-aged mom from Mississippi. As if anyone would want to do that, ha! Looking forward to more fun-filled blogonomics in 2014! 😉

  6. Thanks for all your blogs in 2013, Marie. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

  7. Marie

    Hi Jamie, thank you for reading my stuff – it means a lot to me to have great blogging buddies like you! Many warm wishes to you in the coming year and Merry Christmas!

  8. You don’t know how hard it was to post that geeky band picture, lol! Glad you can relate, that makes me feel better. 😉

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