Wildly Surmising, Fore and Aft


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I started this blog back in May because I was told that as a writer, I needed to have one.  I wasn’t sure about this because I’ve been writing and getting published for almost twenty years without blogging, but that was boring, academic stuff that I did in an attempt to supplement my higher education pittance.  Over the past couple of years, my fancy has turned more and more to writing fiction of the short story variety with a half-written novel that continues to entice and torment me, no matter how many times I tell it that we’re through.  I keep running back, so it will either finish me or I will finish it, and if the latter happens, that means I will have something that I want to self-publish eventually. Thus, the initial motivation for starting a blog and trying to establish a personal presence in the cyber world.

But, as is often the case, my initial motivation was not enough to make me keep blogging.  In fact, I almost quit twice.  The first near-quitting episode happened a few weeks after I started.  I naïvely thought that since I boldly call myself a writer, I had to write about writing, which was mind-numbingly boring to me.  So I was thinking about shutting the whole thing down, but then I started, just for the heck of it, using the blog to talk about two things of great interest to me – myself and music.  The desire to talk about myself, i.e., my stories, my reflections, my opinions, etc., started growing a lot stronger when I turned fifty and I needed an outlet for this that wouldn’t make my family and friends start avoiding me for being a self-obsessed windbag.

But as strong as this desire was, I had an even greater need for a way to talk about the great passion of my life – music. I’ve always seemed to be more intensely focused on music than most others around me.  Not that I’m the only lover of music in my life, but I’ve always wanted to talk about it, the people that make it, and how it affects me more than anyone I know.  My family can only take so many analytical lectures on Dark Side of the Moon.   They can only listen to my description of how Bad Company made me a woman from a child so many times.  They already know that I was a high school band geek turned Janis Joplinesque c0-ed that narrowly missed her big chance with Gregg Allman and they don’t want to hear about it again.

But I can tell myself that you, my kindred spirits in blogland, want to know all about it, because you are like me – having a desire to talk about music.  Which brings me to the next time I nearly quit – when the fall semester started.  Being completely distracted and exhausted from the sudden onslaught of real work, I thought for a brief moment that perhaps my blogging was tipping the scale from pleasurable to burdensome.  But when things settled down and I got into the groove of my fall schedule, I realized that there was no way I was going to stop blogging.  I’ve enjoyed it too much and I’ve connected with too many wonderful, like-minded people to even consider quitting.

So I don’t plan to quit blogging in the foreseeable future – I will keep on sending out these musically-oriented missives and memoirs as long as I am able.  In fact, I’ve barely scratched the surface of things I want to talk about and music I want to go into wild raptures over.  The rock-harvest is plentiful, and the labor is one of love.  To my rock-brethren in blogland, and you know who you are, a heartfelt thank you for reading my stuff and liking it and commenting on it.  I would have stopped wildly surmising long ago if it weren’t for you.  You’re all amazing rock-blog-hotties and I dedicate the following songs to you.

People used to make a lot of fun of Joe Cocker, but I’ve always been a little in awe of him, because it seems like he’s sort of an outer reflection of my inner feelings about music – just utter, uninhibited submission to its power, and I’m here to tell ya, that’s rock ‘n roll, my brothers and sisters. I’m a Joe Cocker on the inside – are you?  I think you are.  Gonna try with a little help from my friends…

I have this beautiful song stuck in my head right now, so I’m really excited to have an excuse to post it, even though the lyrics don’t fit, because it sounds like this lady treated Rod pretty badly, but the title definitely works here.  Thanks for giving me a reason to believe.  From one of my favorite albums, Every Picture Tells a Story.  We won’t think about latter-day Rod, though, that makes me a little queasy.  This version is even better than the original recording.

Okay, I may as well tell you now, there’s a big ole Stevie Ray Vaughan post coming soon.  I saw Stevie at the Jackson City Auditorium in 1986; I will save my reflections for the post, but let me just say that SVR makes me go all Joe Cocker, every time I listen to him.  Heaven knows how I wish he was still here. I know you do too.  And in closing, I’d like to say to you, blogger buddies, you’re my sweet little thing; you’re my pride and joy…

Coming Up Next…”The Marie Awards for 2013″!

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8 responses to “Wildly Surmising, Fore and Aft

  1. Don’t stop! It has been great getting to know you. I love your stories. Happy new year!

  2. Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth

    Glad you didn’t quit rock blog hottie!

    • Thanks, I’m glad too! And you are my extra pride and extra joy, because you are a fellow member of that rare breed, known far and wide as “rocker chicks”. I think we would have been big buds and double trouble back in the day had we joined forces. And you’re a rock blog hottie for sure! 🙂

  3. Please don’t quit!-us music bloggers are in need of quality talent to make us look somewhat viable :)—so thank you for tending your little website in our little part of this giant WordPress garden.

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re going to keep on blogging in a free world!

    3 for 3 on the song choices as well – The Beatles definitely aren’t the easiest group to cover but Cocker redefined the tune. Early 70s Rod is fantastic & there’s very little that can be said negatively about Stevie Ray Vaughan’s guitar playing!

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