Pull the Shades Down Tighter, Captain Jack, I Think I’m Sinking Down

The topic of this post shall remain unnamed.  I mean, even if I lived in Colorado or Washington, it would still be unnamed, sort of like my “Friday Song for the Land of the Free” post, except that with that one I messed with Big Brother’s mind by linking the “Shanty Song” and joking about it relentlessly.  You don’t want to mess with Big Brother’s mind by joking around about these songs.  In fact, these songs are nothing to joke about.  They are dark; they take you to a place you don’t want to be in real life, what with their reeking of death and despair and all.  But they give you a glimpse into that half-life that is being lived in the gloaming all around you.  So take my virtual hand and let’s travel this sad road together…

One of the best bands that burst on the scene in the late eighties/early nineties was The Black Crowes, and their album “Shake Your Money Maker”, is still one of my favorites.  The unique thing about this song is that it’s about a woman.  One of the kind that paints her eyes as black as night and pulls the shades down tight.

And here’s another dark and gritty song from Billy Joel’s 1973 Piano Man.  His best song, in my opinion.  Apparently the idea for the song came to him as he looked out his apartment window and watched affluent teenagers get out of expensive cars and go into the housing project across the street to visit a man by the name of Captain Jack.

And now, from that master story-teller, Warren Zevon, the tale of Carmelita and her man.  This was one of my g0-to misery songs after disheartening evenings of being coerced into going to frat parties and “singles bars”, so every time I listen to it, the inside of my mouth tastes like stale beer and cigarettes, and I feel like I need to wash my hair to get the smoke smell out.

Of course, I can’t do this post without including the next song, even though it messes up my whole thing about avoiding the word, not to mention that I couldn’t fit it into my Frankenstein’s monster of a title. What the heck.  I guess that I just don’t know.  Here’s The Velvet Underground with “Heroin”.

Dedicated to those in the gloaming…

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13 responses to “Pull the Shades Down Tighter, Captain Jack, I Think I’m Sinking Down

  1. Another beautiful blog to put me in the gloaming even though I wasn’t… sometimes it can be a wonderful place.

  2. Pain can indeed give birth to beauty, that much is true. So glad you liked it, Marissa. 🙂

  3. Short post, but packed with good writing. I love what you said about “Captain Jack” and especially “Carmelita”.

  4. “Ooh it’s just so terrible that those people feel the need to use awful substances just to get out of it. I so don’t want to know them. Ugh.
    Shall we open another bottle of red now? While I fondle my new record purchases?”

    I guess what’s special about those songs it that they avoid the twin traps of pathos and sanctimony.

    • Really good point about those songs, Bruce – another astute observation on your part. And make mine white, please. Or better yet, make me a really sweet, girly piña colada with a pink umbrella and a cherry on top. 😉

  5. I have not visited in a while and I am impressed with the way your blog looks and writes! Great work and great post! For whatever the opinion of another music blogger counts.

    • Thanks so much, Wayne! Your opinion definitely counts and means a lot to me! 🙂

      • I am not kidding- it looks clean. organized and inviting—-three great things for a website. I keep cluttering mine up.

      • You inspired me to do some spring cleaning around the cave! Thanks 🙂

      • Hi Wayne, it’s only not cluttered because I don’t know how to do anything else, haha! I’m just doing this as a little hobby – I like to talk about music and with other “classic rock” lovers, like yourself. Glad I gave you some ideas for the cave, lol!

  6. It’s those dark moments that give us the color of our life. In Rock & Roll the best songs have always been mined from the darker side of life. I question I’ve never been able to answer is ” Why do we get so happy from such dark moments”

    • Good question, Sir Spin. I think we all have a certain amount of pain or angst, and these songs can be sort of a release valve for those feelings. Plus they just kick ass. Lol!

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