Hey, Cowboy.

Hey, cowboy, I sure like them boots,

and yeah, I like Wyoming too.

Thanks for asking, I love it lots,

and I see you’re doing tequila shots.

No, I won’t have one, but thanks again,

I gotta say no cause I might sin.

You laugh at me, you naughty guy,

okay, just one, then I must fly.

You sound surprised, cowboy Joe,

you say to stay and see the show.

I probably would but I sense danger,

okay, one more, you awesome stranger.

Yeah, I’m from the south, how could you tell?

You laugh again and I’m drunk as hell.

But set it up, barkeep, if you will,

my cowboy’s buying; here’s cash for the till.

It’s time to go, there’s no denying,

but you call me purdy and swear you ain’t lying.

And better even than all of that,

you laugh at my jokes and I’m wearing your hat.

Now my ride has gone and Yellowstone is pretty far,

from this little town and this cowboy bar.

You say you don’t mind, and I’m sure it’s true,

taking me on that motorbike with you.

So off we go, past the Tetons and into the park,

whizzing by buffalo grazing in the dark.

I bury my face in your leather,

our hair flies around us and ties up together.

I pretend that you are really my man,

and I live year round in this astonishing land.

But approaching the cabin I feel real shy,

and then you notice and ask me why.

I say I’m sorry I acted sluttier than I am,

and you could come in, but for my roommate, Pam.

This makes you smile though I can see,

that you’re a little mad at me.

I hardly know you so I can’t describe,

how Jesus and Granny watch me from the sky.

And how if I could hide then I would begin,

to live my life without thoughts of sin.

I’d rock your world, cowboy mine,

but there is something I will never find.

A shield twixt me and celestial eyes,

a cone of silence to mute my sighs.

An underground cave or a lead lined roof?

Wishful thinking, but what’s the use?

There is no place that will serve to save,

no hidden compartment or secret cave.

My actions are forever viewed,

And so, my cowboy, we are screwed.


And just for fun…a cowboy song. Well, it’s really about the cowboy’s girl, as is fitting…

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8 responses to “Hey, Cowboy.

  1. What am awesome poem! I bow down!!

  2. LOL, thanks, you’re pretty awesome yourself, rocker chick. 🙂

  3. Just begging to be set to music.
    PS> Love and Affection is fabulous, isn’t it?

  4. Comparing Joni Mitchell to Joan Armatrading to me is like deciding between salt and pepper. I want both. As Dave Navarro once said “It’s impossible to compare two bands. It would be like comparing two lovers.” Nice post

  5. Vicki

    Absolutely awesome poem, sounds like you’ve been there. I think I was in that same bar, doing those same shots, maybe a different Cowboy. Great music as always.

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