The Interconnectedness of All Things

Hello, bloggerville!  Have you missed me? Yes? No? Well, let’s just pretend that you pined away miserably while I was off lying in the sun on a sugar-white beach in south Alabama.  So dry your virtual eyes and bury those feelings down deep where they will later cause you to burst into tears at a Bruce Springsteen song like me.

I just listened to both versions of “Brother Louie”. I like the original version by Hot Chocolate, but I really dig that hoarse, Steve Marriottish sound from Ian Lloyd of Stories. And by the way, the keyboardist for Stories, Michael Brown, had previously led, wrote, and performed with his band, The Left Banke, who did one of my favorite songs of the sixties. Ah, the interconnectedness of all things blows my mind without end.

Here’s the original by Hot Chocolate…

Here’s another little ditty by Hot Chocolate that you might remember. Where ya from, you sexy thing?

Now the saga of Louie from the Small Faces, I mean Humble Pie, I mean the Black Crowes. Ha! Silly me! I mean Stories, of course. With a cringe-worthy introduction by Jose Feliciano. Nothin’ bad, it was good…

And now for one of my favorite songs from the sixties. Just walk away, Renee. You won’t see me follow you…

And as a special treat, since I’m sure it seemed that I was a thousand miles away and never coming back, here’s a sweet little salve for your hurt feelings, complete with scenes from one of my favorite movies. This is one of those songs that makes me feel all melty inside. It may be on a Sunday morning, it may be on a Tuesday afternoon…

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9 responses to “The Interconnectedness of All Things

  1. Wow, I always thought that Stories version of Louie was sung by a black woman! Of course, you know my fondness for the A.G. Soundtrack. Welcome back!

  2. Thanks, Matt! It’s weird how much he looks like Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes and sounds so much like him. Interconnectedness. lol.

    The A.G. soundtrack, you may recall, was one of my first albums and I love it deeply. 🙂

  3. Fortunately for me, I know have an FB connection which keeps you around! As I read this one, I am imagining you as one of those deep voiced, soulful, and of course male, deejays who seem to always get the overnight shift…you know, the Barry White deejays….

  4. Yes please!
    If you tell your embarrassing radio story, I might write the one about the time I ejected the scary Heavy Metal Dude’s CD at the end of his show (and just prior to mine). Talk about the Sounds of Silence!

    • Your embarrassing radio story sounds better than mine – you were actually on the radio, whereas I was just annoying people in the background. 😉

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