Rocker Prof.

As you may know, I taught at a local college for many years. I actually still teach for them, but I do it online from my living room, so it’s different now. I teach from the comfort of my recliner. But in those days, the classroom I used was way across campus from my office, and I was always running late because students were continually stopping me as I made my way to class. Well, I say it’s because of that, but I’m sure my overall ditziness contributed to my tardiness too. But don’t tell anybody that. Anyway, I had to get to class within fifteen minutes of the start of the period, because students were allowed to leave if I didn’t show up within that time. If that happened, I was in big trouble with the Chair, so it was a stressful situation for me.

Picture, if you will, me running across campus, butt swaying dangerously atop my customary spikes, carrying messy stacks of papers and an old beat up leather satchel, students jogging alongside me, frantically asking me questions about their grades or trying to make small talk and be a teacher’s pet. I finally make it to the lecture hall with only seconds to spare, and running down the corridor, in order to prevent students from leaving, I start loudly singing “Here I am, rock you like a hurricane” to the accompaniment of the good-natured moans and groans of students that thought they were about to get a free pass from class that day. I did it every semester, multiple times. Countless times. It was kind of my theme song. Every semester, students would respond with stunned silence the first time it happened, then the next time they would smile a little, then the next time they would laugh, and by the end of the term, they considered me their rockinest BFF, I think. lol.

On my last day of on-campus teaching, as I walked down the corridor toward my classroom, I heard the familiar tune, growing louder and louder the closer I got.  Yes, someone had brought in a boom box, and they played my theme song as a going away gift for me. The sweeties. That rocked me like a hurricane. The memory of it rocks me still.

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10 responses to “Rocker Prof.

  1. How awesome is that? The theme song of the 80s and your personal theme song as well.

  2. And this was in the 2000’s, so only the rockers in the class knew what the heck I was singing, lol! They would always wind up explaining it to the non-rockers, i.e., “that’s a band from the 80s called Scorpions, etc.”. Ha ha!

  3. That is nice—everyone should have a theme song…

    • Agreed. We should pick one for you…what about something cave-related in keeping with your blog theme? Let’s see…how about this? “He’s a mean motor scooter and a bad go-getter. Look at that caveman go!” 😉

      • Maybe?…I am a bit cartoony but I need something a little darker and dramatic…kind of rock opera-ee. I’m thinking “Kashmir” which would go great in the cave with all the torches lit.

      • Dark and dramatic? A blogger after my own heart, I see. Consider it done. Let me take you there…

  4. I wonder if you have stumbled across a new business venture, Marie.

    “Theme Song Consultant”
    Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will meet with you in your lounge, favourite pub, person-cave, boudoir, or cyber-room and custom fit you to a song that will personify all that is really YOU…

    • What a great idea, Bruce! Let’s go 50-50. I provide the consultation, you provide the graphics and actual music from your vast collection. Well, on second thought, maybe you better do the consultation too, you got this PC thing perfected. I never woulda thought of person-cave. LOL!

  5. Hawkwind and Scorpions in the last 20 minutes – I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. Makes a lot of today’s music rather insipid.

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