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A Summer of Pilgrimage, Part II: The Old Home Place

I’ve talked a lot about my Cajun granny and the swamp, and about my seventeen cousins and our lives up in Jackson, but I’ve been hiding something from you. Something about the Scotch-Irish side of my family – my mother’s side. I know you are shocked and disappointed in me, but you will understand when I say one simple word…


In the years following the war, and you know which one I’m talking about, they tried to keep it going as one large enterprise. I know this sounds like a page out of the “Gone With the Wind” playbook, but go right ahead and picture women, old men, and children in tattered clothes trying to maintain a decaying house, a few livestock, and a garden. So a generation or two later when there were enough men, they divided up the land, gave each male member of the vast, extended family a chunk, and I mean a big chunk, because the original plantation covered a good portion of the county, and the family began breaking apart to run their own farms.

They used the lumber from the “out buildings” to build their own small farm houses. The big old plantation house was still standing when my mother was a child in the thirties, but after the war, and this time I mean WWII, they finally tore it down because it was too old and enormous and run-down and they couldn’t afford the repairs. They say there are pictures of it somewhere, but I’ve never seen them. The cousins and I used to hike back up into the woods for miles, all across Great Uncle Royce’s land, then Great Uncle Herbert’s land, etc., and go play around at the patch of rubble and dirt that everyone called “the old home place”. Then we would go to the creepy old family cemetery and hide behind the gravestones and scare each other.

My mother was the baby of her large family – she’s eighty now, and is the only one left of seven brothers and sisters. Some of the cousins are gone too. We don’t go “down home” that much anymore, now that almost everyone is gone. But for her eightieth birthday this summer, I took her down. Someone else, not even family, owns her Daddy’s little used-plantation-lumber farm house now, so we couldn’t go inside, and you can’t get down to the old home place or the family cemetery without a four wheeler, so all we got to do was drive by places – the farm house, her school, the church, and the general vicinity of the old home place.

Here’s a picture of the farm house where my mother grew up and where I played as a child. House is on the left; smoke house is on the right. There were also fields, gardens, pastures, a hen house, a well, an outhouse, a barn with a hayloft, etc. To the right behind the smoke house, one mule pasture away, is a clear, rocky creek that I used to swim in as a kid.


If you want to get a pretty clear image of what Mississippi looked like in the old days, you gotta watch “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, because they did a remarkable job of recreating the atmosphere. The clothes, the accents, the music, the food, the extreme, slightly ominous religiosity, the bizarre and deeply entrenched racism, the overall weirdness, and the look of the land itself – all of it is absolutely spot-on. Here’s a fine example…

I might have played this song before, but I’m playing it again because it was my Paw Paw’s favorite song. When the crops would fail, he would take the train out of McComb-city, as he called it, to New Orleans, about an hour away, to work on the docks and live in a Creole boarding house, sending money home each week. He loved trains…

My cousins and I used to spend weeks on the farm in the summer, helping to pick and shell peas and butter beans, canning vegetables and making jam and so on. The little Baptist church would have a week-long revival every summer, with a lot of singing and eating. We sang in “parts” – the men taking one part, the women the other. I would get mad at my cousins when they wouldn’t sing their parts right. I took it seriously, you see, and sang my part with all my might. Here’s one of the songs we sang over and over, “I’ll Have a New Body”, performed here by the great Hank Williams. The cousins and I would practice singing our parts while we were hiking to the old home place…

Mama is the little one.

Mama is the little one.

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Spotlight on the Rock and Roll Supermom: Marissa Bergen


I’m extremely fortunate to have a few loyal friends and supporters of my little blog, especially considering that I have no particular background or expertise in music, about which I am ostensibly writing. All I really have is a burning passion for music and a strange desire to spill my guts to the world, no matter how painfully humiliating that may be. But the same can’t be said for the queen of all my blog buddies, rocker chick extraordinaire, Marissa Bergen. I mean, she obviously has the burning passion thing and the spill her guts thing too, but she also actually has some experience in the music biz that doesn’t involve playing the flute in band and taking piano lessons from the beehived Mrs. Sullivan. But enough cheap, sneaky plugs for my blog, let’s talk to Marvelous Marissa…

1. Tell us the story of how you started your band, Sisters Grimm – did you and your sister take music lessons, what motivated you, did your parents help and support you, etc.

Whenever someone asks me a question about what motivated me in music, I often recall a quote made by, I believe Nancy Wilson (although it could have been Ann) who said something like “All the girls wanted to marry the Beatles, we wanted to be the Beatles.”

My father was in the music industry and had a lot of successful accomplishments as a musician and producer. He actually had a brief stint with Wings. I guess growing up with that influence helped put my sister and I in a rock n’ roll direction, but my father began pulling away from our family when we were very young, until he eventually had no connection at all. So it was up to my poor mother to carry our guitars around and deal with our off key singing. She also gave us all of her vintage Beatles albums when we were in preschool and, yes, she was very supportive.

2. What were some of the best gigs you played and best experiences you had with the band?

Since we took our music career from New York to Los Angeles, I could list many music clubs in both cities that are awesome to play, but nothing compares to going on tour to a city where you don’t know anyone, and you’re being asked to sign CDs, T-shirts, various body parts… Probably the best of these experiences was in Savannah, GA. I remember when we got there someone had written ‘Sisters Grimm rocks’ on one of the paper towel dispensers in the bathroom. How awesome is that?

3. Tell us the story of how you moved to California – did you have a plan in place, did you have any connections in the music business, etc.

At the time we moved, Giuliani had just come into office and he had a huge campaign to clean up New York which meant closing many of the local rock clubs. A lot of New York musicians saw ‘an end’ coming and Los Angeles was a logical move, so we knew plenty of other musicians who also migrated from New York and it wasn’t hard to make connections. We didn’t really have a hard and fast plan as to where exactly we would live, work or gig, but we had people to stay with while we were looking for an apartment and the rest came together rather quickly.

4. How and why did you start blogging and writing poetry? Also, were you always into writing, or was this an interest that developed later?

Yes, I have always written. Obviously, the most notable outlet for my poetry was my songwriting, which was very ‘lyrics’ oriented. When I became a mom and we decided not to do the band anymore, I didn’t write for years. My husband was the one who suggested I start a blog and I guess I’m lucky that all those ideas and words were still there waiting for me.

5. You are a very prolific writer, maintaining a steady output of high quality work, sustained over a long period of time. Very impressive! How do you accomplish this?

I guess that is how my work appears to you and other readers, which I suppose is an intended effect. When I think of myself, I think I am like a miser who is creating ‘gems’ (or not) which I dole out very slowly and very stingily. I write every day, but if I published every day, it would probably be a bunch of crap. Also, I try to do the Word Press Weekly Challenges and Yeah Write Challenges every week. The writing prompts help.

6. You also cover a wide range of topics in your poetry, from family life, to the rocker chick life, to the unexpectedly profound and poignant. You draw deeply from the creative well, so to speak. How do you come up with such diverse and creative material?

Just my latent schizophrenic tendencies coming out I guess! But seriously, I’m just hard on myself that way. I think about what I want to write about, but I will abandon a topic if it is too similar to one I wrote about in the past. If I write a poem that is sad, I will try to make the next few poems funny ones to offset that. Most of my writing comes from real life experience.

7. It’s great to see that you are involved in your kids’ musical development through the School of Rock. Can you tell us more about this program and your involvement with it?

Yes, all part of a dastardly plan to have my children vicariously live out my rock n’ roll dreams! No, actually since my husband and I were both involved in the music industry, we were of a similar mind to get our children playing music as well. Currently our son attends the School of Rock, one of the many rock schools that seem to be getting more and more prevalent. The school includes lessons and performance. Along with my not so gentle prodding, he’s turning into a little rock star!

My daughter just did her first term of rock summer camp and it seems she has now been vaccinated by the victrola needle and is hooked on rock n’ roll! What have I done?!

Actually I should mention here that there is a nonprofit organization called the Rock School Scholarship Fund which helps lower and middle class families with the funding of rock school tuition. My husband and I have been very active with this organization for years and it has helped us become even more involved in the rock school community and it’s wonderful teachers and parents. You can learn more about the organization here:

Thank you, Marissa!

One of the many things I admire about Marissa is her raw, cut-the-crap honesty. I like to see that, especially from a woman, because it’s kinda rare. And it’s powerful.¬† Reading Marissa’s poetry inspires me, because this kind of uncompromising artistic integrity is something that I want to accomplish in my own writing. In this little interview clip, you will see the stunningly beautiful Sisters Grimm – Marissa and her sister Victoria – talking about being in a girl band. And grrl power. ūüėČ

Be sure to visit Marissa’s blog, “Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth” (great title, Marissa)!

And one more thing – why do we need girl bands and grrl power, as young Marissa called it? I think a great man said it best…

Support Girl Bands!

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The Interconnectedness of All Things

Hello, bloggerville!¬† Have you missed me? Yes? No? Well, let’s just pretend that you pined away miserably while I was off lying in the sun on a sugar-white beach in south Alabama.¬† So dry your virtual eyes and bury those feelings down deep where they will later cause you to burst into tears at a Bruce Springsteen song like me.

I just listened to both versions of “Brother Louie”. I like the original version by Hot Chocolate, but I really dig that hoarse, Steve Marriottish sound from Ian Lloyd of Stories. And by the way, the keyboardist for Stories, Michael Brown, had previously led, wrote, and performed with his band, The Left Banke, who did one of my favorite songs of the sixties. Ah, the interconnectedness of all things blows my mind without end.

Here’s the original by Hot Chocolate…

Here’s another little ditty by Hot Chocolate that you might remember. Where ya from, you sexy thing?

Now the saga of Louie from the Small Faces, I mean Humble Pie, I mean the Black Crowes. Ha! Silly me! I mean Stories, of course. With a cringe-worthy introduction by Jose Feliciano. Nothin’ bad, it was good…

And now for one of my favorite songs from the sixties. Just walk away, Renee. You won’t see me follow you…

And as a special treat, since I’m sure it seemed that I was a thousand miles away and never coming back, here’s a sweet little salve for your hurt feelings, complete with scenes from one of my favorite movies. This is one of those songs that makes me feel all melty inside. It may be on a Sunday morning, it may be on a Tuesday afternoon…

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My Superpower Name is: “Chameleon Woman”

As you can see, I’ve made some changes to my blog. Any change at all is a really big deal because I don’t know how to do anything. Thus, any change that I make usually brews in my feeble mind for a couple months before I actually take any action. It all started this time with a mild displeasure with my profile picture or gravatar or whatever that tiny picture next to my name is called. I liked the picture I had for a really long time, because I thought I looked kind of spunky and sardonic. Then, one day, out of the blue, I looked at that picture and “spunky and sardonic” suddenly appeared “bitchy and snooty”.

Say goodbye to our old friend, “Bitchy Pic”!

bitchy pic

So I finally decided I would update my tiny picture, and I thought I would try to take one with my puppy, Penny. I’ve seen pictures that other women have taken with pets that looked really cute and sweet and feminine, and I tried to achieve the same effect, but as you can see, mine just came out weird and distorted. Penny wouldn’t cooperate and was squirming wildly and I had to tilt my head back, so the end result is that the entire world gets a fine shot of the underside of my nose. But I’m going with it anyway, because the puppy is so darn cute.

Say hello to our new friend, “Puppy Pic”!

Puppy pic

Since I didn’t think the puppy pic really looked like me, I did another picture, this time in black and white, trying to go for an artistic effect.¬† I didn’t even look like the same person at all.¬† I tried to have a completely blank expression so that it would be an accurate representation of my face, but I looked kinda like an alien. And I don’t think my eyes are that far apart. Or are they? I just don’t know. Anyway, if you want to know what I look like, I recommend piecing the various photos together in your head, creating sort of a composite pic, because apparently I am going to continue looking like a different woman in every photo ever taken of me.

It’s really bizarre how I look different in every picture. I’m not even sure how I look exactly. I’m a chameleon, I guess. A Karma Chameleon, perhaps? I mean, I am slightly worried that I have unresolved karma issues, after all.

Instant karma’s gonna get you. Gonna look you right in the face.

Who’s that lady? Another great one from the marvelous Isley Brothers and one of my faves. The extra yummy extended version…

“But seriously, lady, who are you?”

Bean Bag2

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One Year of Wild Surmises: Looking Into You

This week marks the one year anniversary of My Wild Surmise! I’m not sure what I’m going to do to celebrate. Dress up in my Ian Anderson outfit and dance around the living room to “Locomotive Breath”, maybe? Go cruise my old cruising strip in the Buick, windows down and rocking out to UFO? I guess not, since I’d probably get arrested for doing that now. Plus you really need Van Halen and Journey and Boston if you want to cruise the strip 1978 style, and I haven’t gotten to them yet, though they are all clamoring for my attention and will be making an appearance soon.

I thought about dragging out poor old Neil from The Young Ones again to interview me, but he made such a fool of us both at the 2013 Marie Awards that I thought it best to just let it lie. So in the end, I decided I’d just talk about my blogging journey thus far. I have already explained, somewhere along the way, that I didn’t even want to have a blog when I first set it up it a year ago. I did it because I was beginning to write fiction and was advised that I needed a blog.

So, okay, I set up a stupid blog, but I didn’t have any idea what I was supposed to do with it. I thought maybe I’d talk about writing, but that was boring as hell, and I was about to shut the thing down, and I would have done it, too, except for two things: there were a few bloggers out there who liked my first several posts, and that made me want to keep going (and you know who you are, but I can’t list any names because I’ll forget somebody, like I always do), and I had this burning desire to talk about the music of my life.

Or at least I thought it was a burning desire to talk about music, but as it turned out, it was a burning desire to talk about me and my life, and focusing on the music served as a catalyst to enable me to do that. I’m no expert on music; in fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone who reads my blog knows more than me about the artists and the music itself. I guess you could say my thing is talking about the emotional and experiential aspect of our music, and I hope that by talking about my own experiences and the music that I associate with them, I’ve helped you to re-experience the music on that level too.

During the year I’ve been blogging, I’ve also been going through major life changes, in pretty much every department and on every level. You name it, it’s changing. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s a changey thing, and you know how weird that can be. So what have I been doing with my blog? Well, I guess Mr. Browne would say I’ve been looking into a house I once lived in, and I’ve come to see where my beginnings have gone, and I’m looking in my life for the truth that is my own, and now I’m ready to fly.

Well I looked into the sky for my anthem
And the words and the music came through
But words and music can never touch the beauty that I’ve seen
Looking into you — and that’s true.

It is a dance we do in silence
Far below this morning sun
You in your life, me in mine
We have begun
Here we stand and without speaking
Draw the water from the well
And stare beyond the plains
To where the mountains lie so still

But it’s a long way that I have come
Across the sand to find you here
Among these people in the sun…

Love and peace to my friends and followers; thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the 2013 Marie Awards!


This is the voice of¬†Neil from The Young Ones, welcoming you to the¬†Marie Awards, where we will be counting down the highs, the lows,¬†the slight achievements, and the¬†major fails¬†of My Wild Surmise for the year 2013.¬†¬†Since its inception in May, My Wild Surmise has been¬†wildly surmising¬†about all manner of things related to music based on shakey facts from Wikipedia and various YouTube videos.¬† Now let’s go to our co-host and creator of all this ridiculosity, Marie, for¬†our first offering in today’s embarrassing outpouring of self-congratulatory alternating with self-derisive malarkey. Marie, take it away…

Marie: Well, Neil, first I’d like to thank you for lending your voice to my imaginary co-host. Let’s kick off this major event in the life of my blog by looking at what other people have done, specifically, the YouTube geniuses that have made my extreme YouTube addiction such a fun, entertaining monkey to have on my back.

In the category of mind-blowing video art that makes you think you’ve accidentally dropped some acid when in fact you’ve only taken your blood pressure pill and some Tums, the award goes to fellow blogger MetalGuruMessiah for Kansas’ “Portrait (He Knew)”.¬† I love this song, and Mr. Messiah certainly does it justice with his outstanding video…

Neil: Wow, far out, man. I mean Marie. I mean, it was no “Hurdy Gurdy Man”, but still pretty cool.

Marie: Cool indeed, Neil.¬†And so is the recipient of our next award, “YouTube Covermeister of 2013”, Larry L.!¬† Give it up for Larry L., everyone!¬† A former wedding band musician, Larry L. is keeping the music alive for all us YouTube junkies in his home, week after week.¬† Many thanks to Mr. L. for his dedication!¬† Larry L, as I’ve told you before, you’re my kind of guy.¬† I could sit on that couch in the background and listen to you all night.¬† Here’s a song that exemplifies everything I love about Larry L. – honest, simple, humble, and expertly done.¬† Enjoy the beautiful “Reflections of My Life”, originally by the Marmalade.

Neil: But, Marie, he’s an old guy – I thought we weren’t supposed to trust anyone over thirty.¬† He’s gotta be a bread head, man.

Marie: Neil, maybe you haven’t noticed, but you’re an old guy too.¬†You’re only young in my head…but¬†wait…I¬†saw you on that episode of Midsomer¬†Murders and¬†that spoiled that delusion. The fact is, we’re pretty much all old guys here, including myself…the female version, I mean.¬† Screw youth. ¬†Just get over it.

Now that we’ve looked at the achievements of others, let’s go ahead and¬†present my biggest fail.¬†¬†A great musician that deserves far more than I’ve given him, which is a partially read biography and a never written post – it can only be Jeff Beck.¬† Here’s the great Mr. Beck with one of the ass kickingest songs in the history of rock ‘n roll…”Going Down”…

Neil: Reminds me a¬†lot of “Hurdy Gurdy Man”, except faster.¬†¬†And completely different styles, course.

Marie.¬† ……¬†¬†silence¬†…..¬† Moving 0n to our next category, most paranoia inducing song and post, there can only be one contender, and that would be the post titled, “A Friday Song for the Land of the Free” with its accompanying song.¬† Umm…excuse me a minute…Dear Big Brother, I know that posting that song¬†probably put me on some kind of¬†top-secret¬†pothead radar or something, but let me reiterate…I JUST LIKE THE SONG!¬† It does not reflect the personal views or lifestyle of this blogger.¬† Now light up or leave me alone.¬† Sorry, Big Brother!¬† That was just another song from another band (cough, cough¬†TRAFFIC cough, cough) that’ll probably be in a future post.¬† Again, just liking the song, no reflecting of views, etc.

Okay, the award for “Most Paranoia Inducing Song” goes to “Shanty”!¬† (And the crowd smiles wanly and stares at me with red eyes.) Jonathan Edwards, live this time, with his lovely daughter, Grace.

Neil: Marie, that was heavy, man, but you’re probably going to get a bunch of breadheads after you for that.¬† Better stick with something safe like “Hurdy Gurdy Man”.¬† Just sayin’.

Marie: Neil!  I mean, I appreciate you lending your voice and all, but this self-promotion is out of hand!  It is you..YOU!  That has become the breadhead! Now sit over there and eat your lentils and let me announce the next award, which is for best new (to me) music.


I’m generally really hesitant to even bother listening to music from this century – I usually close-mindedly assume that it’s just going to be more of this crappy crap substitute for music that’s foisted on to us at every given opportunity, but when ultra-cool fellow blogger Matt Syverson over at Paperback Rocker posted some songs by Ryan Adams, I decided to give¬†them¬†a listen¬†because I trust and respect his judgment. It turns out I was right to do so.¬† This kid has made some of the best new music I’ve heard in years.¬† This song is the first one of his I heard, and it is¬†a favorite.¬† Here’s “Magnolia Mountain”.

Neil: ……¬† silence …..

Marie: Neil? You there?

Neil: …. yeah ….if you still want me.

Marie: Of course I do, Neil!¬† You know you’re my man. We go way back, baby.¬† Remember I used to read aloud from your book to entertain my friends and all?

Neil: well, all right.¬† I’ll let it go this time, but you’ve changed.¬† You’re such a straight these days.¬† What a drag.

Marie: Of course I am, Neil. I had to grow up.¬† I had to get a job and raise a kid.¬† But the old me lives on too.¬† Why else would I listen over and over to songs from my not so draggish days?¬† Like this next one.¬† This song wins the award for most played YouTube video of the year.¬† I¬†watched this clip¬†so many times this year, it really was embarrassing.¬†It got so bad that I would¬†exit the screen when someone walked by as if it was internet porn for fear of being the target of ugly terms like “obsessive-compulsive behavior” and “whack job”.¬† Here’s Roxy Music with my beloved¬†“Mother of Pearl”; a fantastic performance.

Neil: That was all right, I guess.¬† But I can’t help but notice that there’s no Donovan or Steve Hillage on the list of awards.¬† Both do a great version of the best song in the history of rock.

Marie: I have nothing against Donovan or Steve Hillage, Neil, but I can’t include everyone here.¬† In fact, this post is already getting way too long and there’s probably no one listening to our awards show anymore as it is.¬† Let’s just do one more and wrap it up.

This award is for the most important song (to me) that I’ve talked about this year.¬† This is the song that opened my doors of perception, at a very early age,¬†to a new kind of music; the kind they played on¬†the FM¬†dial on my little blue radio I got as a kid. Specifically, it created in me a love for the electric guitar – its many moods and expressions – that has lasted all my life, influencing me in the choices I made, causing me to spend my small resources on albums and concerts; and inclining me forever¬†toward dating and hanging out with musicians. This is the long, heavy-duty, extra delicious¬†version; you really need to listen to it on vinyl and at high volume, as mega-cool Bruce at vinyl connection can tell you, but if you’re like me and ditched all your records way back, some decent headphones will help. Here’s “Nantucket Sleighride”, by¬†Mountain.

Neil: I gotta admit, that was pretty groovy, Marie.

Marie: Profoundly groovy, Neil.¬† Well, that’s it – thanks for coming!

Neil: That’s it?¬† REALLY? You got my voice here and you’ve not even going to play my song?¬† Unbelievable.¬† You know you like it, Marie.

Marie: Sigh.¬† You’re right, Neil. I can’t lie. Your version of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” is the best I’ve ever heard.¬† Better than Donovan.¬† Better than Hillage.¬† Better than them all.¬† And you know what Neil?¬† I owe it to you to play it.¬† You’ve been¬†sort of my blog mascot.¬†And my mascot in life, really.¬† So here’s Neil (Nigel Planer) and some slightly mysterious and not fully disclosed but real, serious musicians doing…that song.¬†¬†Don’t make me¬†say it again. It starts at about 1:40.


May the Hurdy Gurdy Man bring you all the roly poly flaky pastry you can handle!

May there be peace and joy and flaky pastry buzzes galore in your shanty!

May¬†we never have to go to another horrible New Year’s Eve party and hide between the cars in the driveway to avoid the drunken, slobbery kissing ritual again!¬† Or maybe that was just me.

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Wildly Surmising, Fore and Aft


blogging (Photo credit: hgjohn)

I started this blog back in May because I was told that as a writer, I needed to have one.¬† I wasn’t sure about this because I’ve been writing and getting published¬†for almost twenty years without blogging, but that was boring, academic stuff that I did in an attempt to supplement my¬†higher education pittance.¬†¬†Over the past couple of years, my¬†fancy has turned more and more to writing fiction of the short story variety with a¬†half-written novel that continues to entice and torment me, no matter how many times I tell it that we’re through.¬† I keep running back,¬†so it will either finish me or I will finish it, and if the latter happens, that means I will have something that I want to self-publish eventually. Thus, the initial motivation for starting a blog and trying to establish a personal presence in the cyber world.

But, as is often the case, my initial motivation was not enough to make me keep blogging.¬† In fact, I almost quit twice.¬†¬†The first near-quitting episode happened¬†a few weeks after I started.¬† I na√Įvely thought that since I¬†boldly call¬†myself a writer, I had to write about writing, which was mind-numbingly boring to me.¬† So I was thinking about shutting the whole thing down, but then I started, just for the heck of it,¬†using the blog to¬†talk about two things of great interest to¬†me – myself and music.¬† The desire to talk about myself, i.e.,¬†my stories, my reflections, my opinions, etc., started growing a lot stronger when I turned fifty and I needed an outlet for this that wouldn’t make my family and friends start avoiding me for being a self-obsessed windbag.

But as strong as this desire was, I had an even greater need for a way to talk about the great passion of my life – music. I’ve always seemed to¬†be more¬†intensely focused on¬†music than¬†most others¬†around me.¬† Not that I’m the only lover of music in my life, but I’ve always wanted to talk about it, the people that make it, and how it affects me more than anyone I know.¬†¬†My family can only take so many¬†analytical¬†lectures¬†on Dark Side of the Moon. ¬†¬†They can only listen to my description of how Bad Company made me a woman from a child so many times.¬† They already know that I was a high school band geek turned Janis Joplinesque c0-ed that narrowly missed her big chance with Gregg Allman and they don’t want to hear about it again.

But I can tell myself that you, my kindred spirits in blogland, want to know all about it, because you are¬†like me – having a desire to talk about music.¬† Which brings me to the next time I nearly quit – when the fall semester started.¬† Being completely distracted and exhausted from the sudden onslaught of real work, I thought for a brief moment that perhaps my blogging was tipping the scale from pleasurable¬†to¬†burdensome.¬† But when things settled down and I got into the groove of my fall schedule, I realized that there was no way I was going to stop blogging.¬† I’ve enjoyed it too much and I’ve¬†connected with¬†too many wonderful, like-minded people to even consider quitting.

So I don’t plan to quit blogging in the foreseeable future – I will keep on sending out these musically-oriented missives and memoirs as long as I am able.¬† In fact, I’ve barely scratched the surface of things I want to talk about and music I want to go into wild raptures over.¬† The rock-harvest is plentiful, and the labor is one of love.¬† To my¬†rock-brethren¬†in blogland, and you know who you are, a heartfelt thank you for reading my stuff and liking it and commenting on it.¬† I would have stopped wildly surmising long ago if it weren’t for you.¬† You’re all amazing rock-blog-hotties and I dedicate the following songs to you.

People used to make a lot of fun of Joe Cocker, but I’ve always been a little in awe of him, because it seems like¬†he’s¬†sort of¬†an outer reflection of my inner feelings about music – just utter,¬†uninhibited submission to¬†its power, and I’m here to tell ya, that’s rock ‘n roll, my brothers and sisters. I’m a Joe Cocker on the inside – are you?¬† I think you are.¬† Gonna try with a little help from my friends…

I have this beautiful¬†song stuck in my head right now, so I’m really excited¬†to have an excuse to post it, even though the lyrics don’t fit, because it sounds like this lady treated Rod pretty badly, but the title definitely works here.¬† Thanks for giving me a reason to believe.¬† From one of my favorite albums, Every Picture Tells a Story.¬† We won’t think about latter-day Rod, though,¬†that makes me a little queasy.¬† This version is even better than the original recording.

Okay, I may as well tell you now, there’s a big ole Stevie Ray Vaughan post coming soon.¬† I saw Stevie at the Jackson City Auditorium in 1986; I will save my reflections for the post, but let me just say that SVR makes me go all Joe Cocker, every time I listen to him.¬† Heaven knows how I wish he was still here. I know you do too.¬† And in closing, I’d like to say to you, blogger buddies, you’re my sweet little thing; you’re my pride and joy…

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